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Unearthing Cold War Secrets: The Inert Rocket Found in a Garage

An inert rocket, similar to those used during the Cold War to carry nuclear warheads, was discovered in the garage of a deceased resident in Bellevue, Washington. The Bellevue... Read more

Posted in Crime & Law Tech & Science by Paul van der Maas
Pigeon to be honoured as war hero

A pigeon from the British Royal Air Force which delivered the first news of success for the allies on D-day is to be celebrated as the greatest pigeon to have served its country.... Read more

Posted in Animals by Paul van der Maas
Chilling Revelations: Females Embrace Promiscuity in Colder Climates

A new study conducted by researchers at Exeter University suggests that females are more likely to be promiscuous in colder climates. The scientists studied the sexual behavior of... Read more

Posted in Sex Life Tech & Science Health & Food by Paul van der Maas
Woman says break-in was self-defence

A woman in Greenland, who broke into a hotel and stole liquor, will plead self-defense in court. She says it was cold outside and there was no other way in. Jensine Berthelsen, a... Read more

Posted in Crime & Law Health & Food by Paul van der Maas
10 Facts: The story of gun violence and the lack of gun control in the US

There are signs that the mass shooting at a High School in Parkland, Florida, which killed 17 people, could change things, but nothing has changed. Congress has passed no... Read more

Posted in Crime & Law Tech & Science Health & Food Business & Politics by Paul van der Maas
Dog saves abandoned baby from forest

The dog was looking for food for her newborn puppies when she reportedly saved a 2-week-old baby girl from a forest in Kenya. The dog found the baby in a forest south of the... Read more

Posted in Crime & Law Animals Health & Food by Paul van der Maas
Extreme ironing in the olympics?

Enthusiasts of a 'sport' called extreme ironing are trying to get olympic recognition by going to the US to show off their skills in ironing in extreme places like Times Square and... Read more

Posted in Entertainment by Paul van der Maas
Hungry burglar fries fish during burglary

A hungry Dutch burglar was caught frying a fish in a house he was burglaring. The householder woke up when she smelled the cooking of someone in the kitchen. According to Marieke... Read more

Posted in Crime & Law Health & Food by Bas van Rijn
Piranha found in the River Thames

Tropical fish experts were stunned when they heard of a piranha being fished out of the muddy River Thames in London. A 10 centimetres long piranha, nativly from the Amazon in... Read more

Posted in Animals by Paul van der Maas

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