Hungry burglar fries fish during burglary

A hungry Dutch burglar was caught frying a fish in a house he was burglaring. The householder woke up when she smelled the cooking of someone in the kitchen.

Frying fish
According to Marieke Schoneveld, a police spokeswoman, the man was casually frying up a fish. When the householder woke up because of the smell, she went down to the kitchen and saw a man standing at the oven. Immediately she went back to her bedroom and called the police.

The 45-year-old burglar told police he had a penchant for fish and that he had taken a cold beer from the fridge to complement his meal. It turned out the man had also smoked a cigarette and loaded up a bag full of drinks to take with him. Apart from this, he didn't steel anything else. No televisions, computers or Mp3 players, only food and drinks.

Marieke said it doesn't happen very often that the motive for a burglary is to get food.

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