Extreme ironing in the olympics?

Enthusiasts of a 'sport' called extreme ironing are trying to get olympic recognition by going to the US to show off their skills in ironing in extreme places like Times Square and Mount Rushmore.

Extreme ironing in ice cold water

One of the world champions, Phil Shaw, said: "After our victory at the Extreme Ironing World Championships in 2002, I knew there was no other place for us to go but America."

"We liken it to the last unconquered territory. If you haven't extreme ironed here, you haven't truly mastered the art. Who knows what's in store for the sport next; maybe one day Olympic recognition."

Extreme ironing

The team will be heading to the US on May 17. Their adventure will start in Boston and continues in South Dakota where they will do some extreme ironing at Mount Rushmore. The grand finale is planned at Times Square on Memorial Day, May 31.

Extreme ironing in high places

As the pictures show, extreme ironing is exactly what the name implies, ironing in the most extreme places imaginable.

Posted in Entertainment by Paul van der Maas

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