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Prince Haakon misplaces Portugal
Posted by Bas van Rijn on 02/04/04 17:11
Prince Haakon misplaces PortugalNorway's Crown Prince Haakon caused a stir in his debut as royal host by placing Portugal on the Mediterranean Sea in a speech delivered in honour of that country's visiting... Full Story ]
Russia is offering a honeymoon out of this world
Posted by Paul van der Maas on 01/31/04 21:25
Russia is offering a honeymoon out of this worldThe Americans put the first man on the moon and the first tourist in space. Now the Russians could make one wealthy couple the first members of the 240-mile-high club. In its... Full Story ]
Car thieves crash through gates Florida governor's mansion
Posted by Paul van der Maas on 01/31/04 21:10
Car thieves crash through gates Florida governor's mansionTwo men in a stolen car crashed through the gates of the Florida governor's mansion, cut across the grounds and exited by smashing through another gate, police said on Thursday.... Full Story ]
Total: 13    Displaying: 11-13
Random Funny Facts
The cruise liner, Queen Elizabeth 2nd, burns a gallon of diesel for each 6 inches that it moves.

Every 23 seconds a Tupperware party starts somewhere in the world.

The name for having a fear of long words: Hippopotomonstroses­quippedaliophobia. Ironic, isn't it?

Albert Einstein's parents were worried he was mentally slow, because it took him a long time to learn how to speak.

One pair of rats has the potential for 15,000 descendants in a year.
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