Birth on Wheels: Woman Delivers Baby in Moving Car at 60mph

A woman in Cumbria gave birth to her daughter in a moving car while traveling at 60mph, as her partner raced to get her to the hospital in time. Chiara Musetti and James Spence were just minutes away from Furness General Hospital when their baby, Siena, “popped out” as they went round a roundabout.

Throughout their 45-minute journey from Windermere, the couple had to keep stopping their car to make sure they could pass through the flooded roads safely. Despite the dramatic circumstances, Siena was born healthy, weighing 8lbs.

Musetti described the intense moment of giving birth in the passenger seat of their BMW 3-series. She said, “We were about 10 minutes from the hospital when my waters broke, then I knew the birth was going to happen pretty quickly. About five minutes later her head started coming out…I had to sit up in the chair, take my seat belt off and pull my leggings down. She just fell out and I had to catch her in my arms.”

Upon arriving at the hospital, Spence rushed out to seek help, forgetting to put on his shoes or socks. He informed the midwives of what had happened, and they were astonished to learn that Musetti had delivered her baby while the car was still moving.

Musetti joked with the midwives that she had done their job for them. She was then taken into the hospital, where she delivered the placenta and remained under observation for twelve hours before being discharged. Both mother and baby are now doing well.

Spence described the birth as “intense” and recounted the chaotic nature of the moment. He said, “When the baby came out, there were three people screaming in the car – myself, Chiara, and the baby that had just been born…I didn’t keep calm at all. It was the most intense experience of my life, but worth it to see Siena.”

This is not the couple’s first encounter with an eventful birth. Their first child was also born prematurely while they were attending a wedding in Manchester. Despite the challenges they faced, Musetti emphasized that Siena is now a calm and happy baby.

The couple’s remarkable story has gained attention, and Musetti reflected on the experience, saying, “It’s definitely a memorable birth story, and I’m glad Siena is here safe and healthy.”

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