Lush Bath Mishap: Woman Turns 'Fluorescent Pink' After Product Misuse

A woman recently experienced an embarrassing mishap after misusing a bath product from Lush cosmetics, which resulted in her skin turning a "fluorescent pink" shade.

The woman, Abi Shenton, initially reached out to Lush on Twitter, asking if their products were intended to stain the skin in such a vibrant color. The image she shared of her rosy complexion quickly gained attention, eventually being retweeted close to 19,000 times before she ultimately decided to remove it from social media.

Lush responded to her tweet with a shocked exclamation of "Yikes!" at the sight of her skin. However, Ms. Shenton clarified that she did not hold Lush responsible for the incident, stating that she misunderstood the proper usage of the product. The item in question was a bath oil called Razzle Dazzle, which she mistook for soap and proceeded to apply all over her body and face.

Reflecting on the incident, Ms. Shenton claimed that she still loves Lush and will continue to be a loyal customer. To remove the pink stain, she utilized a combination of lemon juice, olive oil, and a gritty face wash. Lush, in response to the situation, expressed their embarrassment at the mix-up, stating, "We are as red in the face as Abi at the idea that one of our bath melts has been mistaken for a soap."

It is important to note that Ms. Shenton's skin has since returned to its normal color, and she has learned her lesson about the proper use of Lush products. This incident serves as a reminder to always read and follow the instructions provided by manufacturers, as well as to seek clarification if there is any uncertainty. Despite the temporary color transformation, Ms. Shenton's love for Lush remains unshaken, and she will undoubtedly continue to enjoy their vast selection of bath and beauty products.

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