Today's special: Tasty salad garnished with a thumb

A woman from Ohio had an unexpected ingredient in her salad. She found part of a man's thumb in the salad she had for lunch at a Red Robin's restaurant.

Red Robin
The tip of a restaurant worker's thumb was sliced off while he was chopping lettuce. The man was brought to the nearest hospital without the missing piece of his thumb, because they couldn't find it.

Before rushing off to get medical help, worker's sanitized the counter and put the ingredients in a refrigerator. They didn't know the man's thumb was also in the pile of ingredients.

The following day, the ingredients were served to a lunch crowd.

Thinking it was gristle the woman chewed on the unexpected ingredient. Later she discovered it was actually part of a thumb she was chewing on.

"Physically I think she's OK, other than hysteria," Franks, a health official said.

"The salad should have been discarded," he added.

Posted in Health & Food by Paul van der Maas

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