A smelly e-mail

Sniffing the scent of the ocean while booking a vacation online or the smell of whisky and cigars while digitally listening to jazz. The British cable company Telewest adds a whole new dimension to internet: Smell!

Smelling an e-mail
The technology makes it possible to send and receive a large number of odours through e-mail. The user has to attach a special scent device to his computer. This device contains 20 aromas that, while mixed properly, can produce about sixty scents.

Scent device
The sender will have to send a code along with the e-mail to attach a special odour to it. The scent divice translates this code into a special smell that will be spread all around the computer.

Think about it! The scent of fresh bread while doing your online shopping or a relaxing aromatherapy.

The scent device can easily be connected through on of your serial ports on your computer. The hardware can be bought for the price of 250 British pounds.

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