The Misshipped Mourning: A Family's Quest for Answers

A family in Quebec is searching for answers after receiving the wrong body of their father who died on a vacation in Cuba. Faraj Allah Jarjour's daughter, Miriam Jarjour, had been desperately trying to find his body after it went missing in transit.

"Up until now we have no answers," Jarjour said. "Where is my father?"

Jarjour recounted the tragic incident where her father passed away from a sudden heart attack while swimming in the ocean during a family vacation. His body was left on a beach chair for hours before being transferred to Havana.

Despite following instructions from the Canadian consulate and paying a significant sum for the return of her father's body, Jarjour was shocked to discover that the casket contained the body of a Russian man, much younger and with distinct physical differences.

The family has been in contact with Canadian consular authorities in Cuba, who have pointed the blame at the company responsible for returning the remains. Jarjour has been tirelessly reaching out to government officials, seeking answers and assistance in locating her father.

Jarjour expressed her frustration and devastation, stating, "I’m honestly destroyed. Up until now we have no answers. We’re waiting. I don’t know what to tell you."

The situation has taken a toll on the family, both emotionally and financially, with significant expenses incurred for funeral services that have been put on hold. Despite efforts to work with Cuban authorities and Canadian officials, Jarjour feels like she is not getting the help she needs and is hoping for a resolution soon.

"What I want is someone to help me find my father," she pleaded.

As the family continues to grapple with the ordeal, Jarjour remains determined to uncover the truth and bring her father home for a proper farewell.

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