Fraud and a Grisly Secret: Kansas Couple Conceals Dead Relative's Body for Six Years

A Kansas couple has been charged with fraudulently collecting over $215,000 in retirement benefits on behalf of a deceased relative while hiding his body in their home for six years.

Mike Carroll, aged 81, was confirmed to have died in 2016, but his body was not discovered until 2022 when his son-in-law reported the death. Lynn Ritter and Kirk Ritter, both 61, allegedly continued to use Carroll's bank account while his body "mummified" on a bed in their home. The couple is scheduled to appear in federal court on February 2 to face multiple charges. No defense attorney has been listed for them, and they have not responded to any inquiries from the media.

According to prosecutors, Carroll received pension and Social Security payments totaling $216,063 over the six years following his death. However, bank records from that period indicate that checks were written from his account and cashed by Lynn and Kirk Ritter. Family members revealed that the Ritters consistently provided excuses for Carroll's inability to take phone calls or visit, leading them to believe that he was still alive.

The case will undoubtedly shed light on the complex web of deceit and financial fraud that unfolded over the course of six years. As the couple prepares to face the legal consequences of their alleged crimes, the community awaits answers and justice for the deceased.

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