The Remarkable Discovery of a Long-lost Diamond Ring on a Carrot

In 2004, Mary Grams lost her engagement ring on her family farm and thought she would never see it again. Thirteen years later, the ring resurfaced wrapped around a misshapen carrot from the garden.

Grams recounted, “They found it when my daughter-in-law was digging carrots for supper.” The ring, which she had been wearing for over 50 years since her husband gave it to her in 1951, went missing while she was pulling weeds on the farm. Despite a frantic search that left her in tears, the ring remained lost until that fateful carrot harvest.

Her husband never noticed the missing ring, and Grams never told him about the loss. She recalled, “I didn’t tell him, even, because I thought for sure he’d give me heck or something.” After days of searching, Grams had bought a cheap replacement ring and had kept the secret to herself.

When the missing ring was discovered wrapped around a carrot, Grams was overjoyed. Her granddaughter, Colleen Daley, found the ring while washing the vegetable and recognized it immediately. With the farm having been in the family for over a century, the origin of the ring was easily traced back to Grams.

Surrounded by her family, Grams cut into the carrot to retrieve the long-lost ring. She chuckled as the ring easily slipped back onto her finger, fitting perfectly after all those years. This heartwarming story of a lost ring and a surprising discovery highlights the resilience of cherished possessions and the joy of unexpected reunions.

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