Craving Cracker Jacks Leads Maryland Woman to $30,000 Lottery Win

A Maryland woman's craving for Cracker Jacks led to an unexpected lottery win of nearly $30,000.

The Randallstown woman headed to an Exxon gas station in Hanover on Sunday in search of the snack, but to her disappointment, she couldn't find any.

Rather than leave empty-handed, she decided to try her luck with the Racetrax virtual horse racing lottery game. She placed a Superfecta Box bet on horses 8, 9, 10, and 12 to finish in the top four spots.

Despite striking out on her snack mission, she left the store with a lottery ticket in hand.

When she later checked the ticket, she thought she hadn't won. It wasn't until her son took a closer look and realized she had actually secured a $29,313.30 prize.

The fortunate winner, with two children preparing for weddings, intends to use the money to enhance their special days.

It turned out that her quest for Cracker Jacks led to a satisfying outcome she never anticipated.

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