Thai Woman Faces Charges After Pet Lion Spotted Cruising in Bentley

Thai police have arrested a woman named Sawangjit Kosoongnern whose pet lion was seen cruising in a Bentley in Pattaya. The lion, a cub, was being driven around by a Sri Lankan man who has since left the country, and is believed to be a friend of the woman.

While it is legal to own a lion in Thailand, it must be officially registered. The woman claimed to have bought the animal from a man in Nakhon Pathom province, who delivered it to Pattaya without the necessary official checks. This oversight made the transfer and ownership of the lion illegal. Sawangjit Kosoongnern is now facing charges of possessing a controlled wild animal without permission, which carries penalties including a year in prison and a fine of up to 100,000 baht.

Authorities were also looking to charge the Sri Lankan man with bringing a controlled wild animal into public places, but they were unable to do so as he had already left Thailand. The man who sold the lion to Sawangjit Kosoongnern will also face charges for moving the animal without permission.

Currently, there are 224 legally owned lions in Thailand. The incident with the pet lion in the Bentley has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the illegal wildlife trade and animal welfare in the country. The news of the lion's joyride has brought attention to the issue of exotic pet ownership and the need for stricter regulations to protect wild animals from exploitation. Wild animals like lions should not be subjected to such treatment and should be cared for in appropriate environments by trained professionals.

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