Frenzied Fortune: Iowa Man's $500,000 Lottery Ticket Forgotten in Excitement

Kevin Frey of New Hampton, Iowa, won $500,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket, but he forgot to take the ticket with him when he left the store. He was thrilled to reveal the prize, but the excitement caused him to leave the winning ticket behind.

Frey bought the ticket at a Casey's store and scratched it off inside, only to realize he won the $500,000 prize. Overwhelmed with excitement, he handed the ticket to a store employee to scan and confirm his win. The employee validated the prize, causing Frey to shake with excitement.

"I was shaking pretty good then, I think," Frey said. After sharing the news with his family, he left the ticket at the store and went out to call his loved ones. It was only when his son requested a photo of the ticket that Frey realized he had left it behind. Frantically returning to the store, he asked the flustered employee for the ticket, which she had forgotten to give him initially.

"My oldest son demanded photographic proof because he knows I tell some pretty good tales sometimes," Frey explained. With the ticket back in hand, Frey was able to provide the necessary evidence to his skeptical son, confirming his massive win.

The prize money will help with Frey's retirement plans, allowing him to share some of it with family and charities he supports. "This is going to help a lot. This is exciting in that way, too," he said. Despite the initial excitement causing a momentary mishap, Frey is grateful for the unexpected windfall that will positively impact his future.

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