Gas Pump Glitch: The Costly Scheme that Led to Free Fuel and Felony Charges

In Lincoln, Nebraska, a 45-year-old woman was arrested and charged with felony theft after she discovered a glitch at a gas station pump that allowed her to get free gas. By double-swiping a rewards card, she was able to put the pump into demo mode and avoid paying for fuel.

Over a period of seven months, she allegedly cost the gas station nearly $28,000 in lost revenue. The scam came to light when the loss-prevention manager at Bosselman Enterprises reported the suspicious activity at the Pump & Pantry in Lincoln. Despite a software update in November 2022 that was meant to address rewards card management, a glitch went unnoticed, enabling customers to exploit the system.

Authorities discovered that the woman had used the glitched rewards card 510 times, resulting in over 7,400 gallons of gas being pumped for free. Additionally, it was revealed that she had an accomplice who paid her $500 for using the card to obtain discounted fuel, which should have cost around $700.

Video surveillance footage captured the woman pumping gas multiple times between November 2022 and June 1, when the glitch was finally fixed. The authorities were able to trace the card back to her and gather evidence to support the charges of felony theft against her.

The suspect is currently out on bond and is scheduled for a court hearing on April 11 to address the allegations brought against her. Despite being free, the woman now faces the consequences of her actions and must await the legal proceedings as the case unfolds.

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