Frozen Excrement from Plane Crashes Through Canadian Woman's Roof: A Bizarre Wake-Up Call

A Canadian woman named Stephanie Moore experienced a strange and alarming incident when a frozen lump of excrement, known as "blue ice," crashed through the roof of her mother's house.

Moore was staying overnight at her mother's house after returning from a trip to Cuba. She was abruptly awakened by a crashing sound and discovered a large hole in the ceiling of the hallway, just a few feet away from where she had been sleeping. The impact caused damage to the roof's planking and shingles, and debris such as pink insulation, drywall, ceiling material, and broken pieces of wood were scattered across the floor. The next morning, daylight could be seen through the one-meter diameter hole.

Initially, Moore did not realize that the object had gone through the roof. It was only later that she realized the extent of the damage. She recalled the insurance appraiser and roof repairmen being baffled by the incident, stating it was the "strangest thing they had ever seen." The roofer who inspected the damage confirmed that there was no rotting wood in the roof and the house's outer shell was intact prior to the incident. There was no evidence of a tree or branch causing the damage, and there was no presence of ice or snow on the roof at the time.

The roofer suggested that the most likely explanation for the incident was "blue ice." Blue ice refers to frozen excrement that can unintentionally leak from planes during flight. It earned its name from the color of disinfectant used in commercial planes' sewage systems. Upon impact, blue ice can melt and leave minimal evidence behind. The roofer ruled out alternative possibilities such as a small meteor strike, as that would have left a rock or mineral in the debris.

Transport Canada, the regulatory body for aviation, stated that they were investigating the claim. They take reports of possible debris coming from aircraft seriously and thoroughly investigate each incident. Dropping waste mid-flight is prohibited according to Canadian Aviation Regulations.

The unusual incident left Moore and her family astonished, highlighting the potential hazards that can occur unexpectedly even within the confines of one's home.

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