7-year-old girl suspended for saying 'hell'

A 7-year-old girl from Pittsburgh was suspended this week for saying the word 'hell' to a boy in her second-grade class.

The girl, Brandy McKenith, says she was only warning the boy about what his behaviour could lead to in his future. The boy allegedly said "I swear to god" in class, uppon which the girl responded with 'You're going to go to hell for swearing to God,'.

The elementary school Brandy attends was not available for any comment on the subject.

Brandy McKenith and her father Wayne McKenith

The parents say they believe their daughter and are thunderstruck by the school's decision to suspend their daughter. They have complained to the school principal about the matter.

"Kids are bringing guns and knives to school. ... They've got dope. And we're worried about 'hell'?" said the girl's father, Wayne McKenith.

A civil liberties expert from New York noticed the case and said "There was no threat and the word was being used in its intended way, not in a vulgar manner,".

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