Weight of Justice: Obese Murderer Freed Due to Health Concerns

An Italian man named Dimitri Fricano, who was imprisoned for murdering his girlfriend in a horrific stabbing incident, has been released from jail due to his significant weight gain during his time behind bars.

Fricano's weight has increased from 120kg to 200kg since his incarceration in 2019, posing health concerns that the prison was unable to address adequately.

Fricano's crime involved stabbing his 27-year-old girlfriend, Erika Preti, 57 times after a dispute over crumbs on their bed during a holiday in Sardinia in 2017. The couple had been together for around a decade before the tragic event unfolded, leading to Fricano's conviction for murder in 2019 and a 30-year prison sentence.

The court in Turin, where Fricano was serving his sentence, recently decided to release him to serve the remainder of his term under house arrest at his parents' home. This decision was based on the prison's inability to provide the specialized low-calorie diet that Fricano required, given his substantial weight gain over the years.

The victim's family, particularly Erika Preti's father, Fabrizio Preti, expressed outrage and disbelief at the court's ruling. Fabrizio condemned the decision as "shameful" and lamented the fact that Fricano would not serve the full 30-year sentence for his daughter's murder. He stated, "I wouldn't wish death on anyone, but this whole saga will only finish when he's gone. In the meantime, nothing can bring back my little girl."

Apart from his weight gain, Fricano was reported to smoke around 100 cigarettes a day in prison, further exacerbating his health issues. The court emphasized that Fricano's deteriorating health, which included difficulty walking and heightened cardiovascular risks, made it untenable for him to remain in prison without proper care.

Fricano, originally denying the murder and fabricating a burglary story, ultimately confessed to the crime after a month. In a recent interview, he expressed deep remorse for his actions, stating that he would have preferred to die instead of his girlfriend, acknowledging the impact of his volatile emotions and actions.

Fricano's release sheds light on the challenges faced by prisons in managing inmates with complex health needs and raises questions about the adequacy of the justice system in addressing such cases effectively. The case serves as a stark reminder of the tragic consequences of domestic disputes escalating into violence, leaving lasting scars on families and communities.

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