Actor asks Jennifer Lopez to put her clothes back on

Actor Jim Caviezel had to do a sexually explicit scene with the world famous babe Jennifer Lopez and did what no other man would ever do. He asked naked J-Lo to wear underwear during the scene.

Caviezel, who's also starring in Mel Gibson's
Jim Caviezel and Jennifer Lopez, notice J-Lo's wearing a bra
blockbuster The Passion of The Christ, just got married to Kerri. He told J-Lo he didn't want her to be naked because it might offend his wife.

He said: "I want to respect her,". "The only bare breasts I want next to me in my life belong to my wife."

Jennifer Lopez, astonished about this request (it's not often that men ask her to put her clothes back on, I imagine) ended up shooting the scenes wearing her bra and a pair of knickers.

Jim and J-Lo, again J-Lo's wearing underwear

An explanation for Jim Caviezel's 'behaviour' is that he's very religious and prays for 15 minutes every morning before he works out. During the filming of The Passion of The Christ he went to church every day.

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