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Woman swallowed a bullet while eating a hotdog

A California woman claimed she swallowed one bullet and bit another while she was eating a hotdog. She even has X-rays to prove it!

Doctors looking at an X-ray
The 31-year-old Olivia Chanes bought the hotdog at a food stand in a Costco store in Irvine warehouse. While eating she felt something hard and thought it was part of her braces. When she noticed it was a 9mm bullet instead of a part of her braces she immediately called the police.

After Olivia gave the bullet as evidence to the police, they cut several dozen Hebrew National hot dogs, the store's entire stock, into pieces looking for other possible contaminants. Nothing else was found and there where no other complaints of visitors.

When Olivia devoleped stomach pains she went to a local hospital where an X-ray revealed a second bullet. On a local televison station she showed the X-ray of her stomach with the bullet lodged in it.

Olivia said: "I think it's the most secure way for a bullet to enter your body. If a bullet's going to be in your stomach, at least it didn't pierce the skin to get there".

Bas van RijnFri, 07 May 2004 21:48:00 GMT
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