Swedish baby baked in oven

Police have arrested a mother for allegedly baking her five-month-old baby in an oven, seriously burning the infant, media and officials said today.

The child received second-degree burns all over his body during the incident last weekend, and was in stable condition in a Gothenburg hospital, a clinic spokeswoman said.

"It's a terrible story, but at least he's in stable condition for the time being," said Margreth Jonson of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenberg.

The baby was taken to hospital on Sunday with burns across much of his body.

Police quickly grew suspicious that the child's 30-year-old mother had inflicted the injuries, and on Tuesday they arrested her.

"The baby's mother was arrested for attempted murder," police inspector Harriet Persson said.

Persson refused to give any further details, insisting that investigators were not permitted to discuss the case until after the woman's expected indictment in January.

According to Swedish news reports, however, police arrested the baby's mother on suspicion that she had tried to kill him by baking him in a hot oven.

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