And the winner of the 2004 'Mr Ugly' contest is...

A 30-year-old Chinese man has won this years 'Mr Ugly' contest in the province Hubei, in central China. The man will undergo 3 months of plastic surgery to make him look like the famous Chinese singer and actor, Lu Yi.

The director of the Sino-Australian
Plastic Surgery
plastic surgery hospital in Wuhan, Yu Xinrui, said "both his face and figure look very much like Lu Yi, so we are going to do the surgery referring to Lu."

The man claimed he lost his job due to his bad looks. He said "I'm really ashamed. I have not had a real romantic experience although I'm already 30,"

Last year, cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou have held controversial 'Miss Ugly' contests; these contests have come under a lot of criticism because they were alledgedly held to boost the business of plastic surgery clinics.

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular in China as Chinese start to get more conscious about their appearance. The clinics get more and more clients who want to have a more western look. Most of these clients are women influenced by western media.

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