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Buy your own football club on ebay?!?!

A football club owner is to put his club on eBay after his previous attempts to sell it failed.

The club owner of
Universitatea Craiova Logo
, tried to give the club to his local council.

He wrote a letter saying he had enough of being the butt of people's jokes and send it together with the ownership papers to the officials.

unfortunately the local council said not to be interested in a deal with the once successful club.

Antonie Soloman, town mayor, said: "The biggest problem is that we simply do not have the money to finance a struggling team. The budget has been set for the year already and there is no extra cash for football."

He also said: "It is true that we offered to buy the club from him before Christmas, but at that time he did not want to part with it. Now it's in the second division he can't wait to get rid of it."

The only thing Dinel can think of is putting his club on Ebay and seeing if he can find someone to take it over. Until now he didn't advertise on Ebay.

Bas van RijnWed, 11 May 2005 12:00:00 GMT
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