Man shot TV host for real in "fake" duel

A Chilean presenter was shot in his leg on TV when a guest on his show accidentally used a real gun instead of a fake gun. It was supposed to be a fake duel.

Jaime Campuzano, who was accidentally shot by a guest on his show
A guest on the TV show challenged Jaime Campuzano, the show's host, to a fake duel in front of the cameras.

As they were duelling, the guest was the first who fired a shot, hitting Jaime Campuzano's leg.

The other guests and the crew thought it was all part of the show.

As Jaime fell to the ground and his leg started bleeding, the crew realised something had gone horribly wrong.

Anibal Rios Montt, the man who shot Jaime in the leg, is a farmer and renowned Chilean eccentric who is obsessed with cowboy movies. He even insists on being called "Sheriff"!

After the incident, Anibal said: "I had two pistols, a fake one and a real one and I took the real one by mistake. I am devastated."

Fortunately Jaime only suffered minor injuries.

"I understand it was an accident and bear no grudges againts Anibal."

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