Historic locomotive stolen by metal thieves

Metal thieves stole a historic steam locomotive from an open-air museum in the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. Police eventually found the priceless locomotive at a scrap yard cut into pieces.

Locomotive before being stolen

The police suspects the thieves hired a crane from the State Transport company with fake documents saying that they had permission to move the historic locomotive to a new location.

When the police found the locomotive it was already cut into small pieces. Experts doubt the locomotive can ever be restored. It is said that this locomotive was the first one ever built in former Soviet Ukraine. Now the scrap is only worth about $4,000.

Locomotive after being stolen and stripped

Metal theft is a serious problem in Ukraine. More often sewerage hatches, target cables and even statues are stolen by metal thieves. Last week an 11-metre long bridge spanning a river in western Ukraine was stolen.

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