Nose Power: Man Sets World Record by Inflating Balloons with His Nose

David Rush recently achieved a new world record by inflating 28 balloons in three minutes using only his nose.

Rush, who already held the one-minute version of the record, had to attempt the three-minute version 42 times before succeeding. He now shares the title with fellow record-breaker Ashrita Furman, as both were able to inflate 28 balloons in the allotted time.

Rush is on a mission to surpass Silvio Sabba's total of 200+ concurrently-held Guinness World Records titles. With this latest achievement, Rush is nearing that goal. He currently has 170+ records concurrently-held Guinness World Records titles. This Idaho man has also broken records for activities like behind-the-back disc catches and shaving cream and table tennis ball tricks.

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