From Six Legs to Four: Ariel the Resilient Spaniel's Journey to Normalcy

A spaniel born with six legs found abandoned in a supermarket parking lot has successfully undergone surgery to remove the extra limbs.

Named Ariel, after "The Little Mermaid" character, the dog is now adjusting to life on four paws. Vicki Black, director of the Langford Vets Small Animal Referral Hospital, where Ariel was operated on, said, "She is doing brilliantly."

Ariel, who had multiple birth defects, was found in Wales and taken in by Greenacres Rescue, who raised funds for her surgery. The surgery, which took place at the University of Bristol hospital, was a unique and complex operation. Black mentioned, "We are a center committed to career-long learning and are proud to innovate and treat pets like Ariel."

Before the surgery, Ariel's extra legs were of no use and hung beside her tail as she walked awkwardly. But now, post-surgery, she is like any other dog, running through the grass outside the hospital.

Despite the challenges she faced, Ariel showed determination and resilience, pulling on her leash and exploring her newfound freedom. The little spaniel has come a long way from being abandoned in a parking lot to now enjoying a life filled with love and care.

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