The Pitch

Do you want to make money? Create content (write stories, post facts, etc) for us and we'll pay you up to 50% of the revenue we make from your content! The more you produce, the more $$$ you make! The more you promote and share (e.g. through social media) your content, the more $$$ you make!

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to create a community driven, profit-sharing platform for journalists/writers/authors/bloggers, but really anyone to create content that fits the paradigm of 'stunning stuff'. By removing barriers to entry (all that we need is your e-mail address and full name) and sharing a large portion of the ad revenue with you, we hope to incentivize you, not only to create content, but also to find ways to promote and share your contributions, especially through social media.

How It Works

You submit stories and/or facts to us and our staff of professional writers and journalists review your content for copyright infringement, spelling, grammar, originality, etc. and either publish, or pass it back to you for improvement.

The less editing our staff has to do, the larger your percentage of the ad revenue will be. So you're rewarded for producing good content. Facts start out at 15%, while stories start out at 50%.

Every month, we evaluate how much revenue your content pages1 have generated and calculate your total payment based on the respective profit-sharing percentages for each piece of content. We will then use your e-mail address to pay you2 the total amount3 through PayPal.

We are currently working on automating the entire process and providing you with the online tools to write stories and post facts. Until then, you can simply submit your content to us by e-mail.

Terms & Conditions

For your story to be accepted and published on it has to meet certain standards/criteria.

  • Your story must be based on facts and include (soft) references to originating sources.
    • Example: The Munich police said: "The trio were [...] filmed her".
    • Example: Based on numbers from the New York Times [...]
  • Your writing must be grammatically correct and have a good flow/style. It's a good idea to read a few of our stories before attempting to write one yourself.
  • Your story must include at least one image/photo/video. See our existing stories for guidance.
    • If there is no media directly related to your story, you may use royalty free images that fit the story.
  • Please make sure your story is unique by searching the website first. If it already exists on our web site, we will (likely) have to reject it. Though unlikely, if two similar stories are submitted around the same time, the first one that gets published will (likely) cause the second one to be rejected.
  • We claim no ownership of, or responsibility for, any of the submitted material to, however the submitting party grants and allows full use of their submission and/or other material in any way, shape or fashion, including for monetary gains exclusively for

  1. To caluclate your revenue share, we only count the pages that are dedicated to your content (content pages). We can not and do not count revenue generated from pages where content from other contributors is featured at the same level/intensity as your content (e.g. search results, category lists, etc.).
  2. Payments are scheduled to be done at the start of every month. There is a one month waiting period, after publishing, where no payment is made. This waiting period helps to ensure to us that the content is legal, true, and original. Your first payment, after the waiting period, will reflect your total balance, including your revenue share during the waiting period. Please understand that the way our payment schedule is set up, this could mean that your first payment for a published piece of content can take up to two months depending on when your content got published.
  3. Payments are made only when a certain threshhold is met. Your revenue-share balance must exceed $20.00 USD before payment will be made. Of course, if you do not meet the threshhold your balance will roll over to the next payment cycle. In addition, for legal/tax purposes and to keep things simple for both parties, we can not pay you more than $599.99 USD per year. This keeps us from having to report your earnings to the IRS (see Form 1099-MISC). brings you extremely weird news and odd, funny facts from all over the world. Have fun browsing!

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