Teenager tries to sell drugs to police officers

A teenager has been arrested for trying to sell drugs to two police officers. Both police officers had the word 'police' written on their jackets in large letters.

The two police officers were on a routine patrol when a 17-year-old high school student, Davaugn Goethe, signaled them to stop. When the officers stopped the car, Davaugn opened the backdoor and jumped in.

Davaugn asked what kind of drugs the officers wanted and how much. He even said the two men looked like cops!

Police raid jacket
"Maybe it was the police raid jackets they were wearing with 'police' written in big letters on the back, on the sleeves and on the front.", said a spokesman.

Davaugn thought the officers were looking for drugs because they were driving very slowly. This is something many prospective drug buyers do.

When the officers arrested Davaugn, it appeared he was swallowing the drugs. No drugs have been recovered yet.

The spokesman said: "The officers were wearing raid jackets because they were looking for fugitives and didn't want to be mistaken for anything but police officers."

Davaugn Goethe will have to appear in court later this month.

Posted in Crime & Law by Bas van Rijn

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