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A smelly e-mail

Sniffing the scent of the ocean while booking a vacation online or the smell of whisky and cigars while digitally listening to jazz. The British cable company Telewest adds a whole new dimension to internet: Smell!

Smelling an e-mail
The technology makes it possible to send and receive a large number of odours through e-mail. The user has to attach a special scent device to his computer. This device contains 20 aromas that, while mixed properly, can produce about sixty scents.

Scent device
The sender will have to send a code along with the e-mail to attach a special odour to it. The scent divice translates this code into a special smell that will be spread all around the computer.

Think about it! The scent of fresh bread while doing your online shopping or a relaxing aromatherapy.

The scent device can easily be connected through on of your serial ports on your computer. The hardware can be bought for the price of 250 British pounds.

Guus CartignyThu, 19 Feb 2004 19:23:00 GMT
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