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Man superglues condom to penis to save on safe sex!

A Romanian man needed some help after his 'great idea' started to feel not so great. He had superglued his condom to his penis.

The 43-year-old father-of-five told doctors he and his wife didn't want any more children. Their obvious solution was to start using condoms, but the condoms Nicolae Popovici's wife bought were a bit 'roomy'.

The couples solution for this small problem was not to buy new condoms that did fit, but to make the big ones fit. One way or another.

They used superglue to glue the condom to the man's penis. This did not only solve the size-issue, but they could also re-use the condoms, so they thought.

After sex, the couple realised the condom was stuck and wouldn't come off. After trying everything they could think off (and these people are resourceful as you may have noticed) Nicolae went to the local medical clinic for help.

One of the nurses said: "He even said that he thought the condom could be used several times and that he wanted it stuck on his penis so he could use it again later. We barely managed to remove it in the end."

Paul van der MaasSat, 30 Oct 2004 11:56:00 GMT
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