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No word in the English language rhymes with "month", "orange", "silver" or "purple".
The vocabulary of the average person consists of 5,000 to 6,000 words.
If you take a pencil, you can draw a 50 kilometer (31 mile) long line.
Women blink nearly twice as much as men.
Stewardesses is the longest word typed with only the left hand.
The longest word in the English language is 1909 letters long and it refers to a distinct part of DNA.
The average life expectancy of a toilet is 50 years.
Typewriter, is one of the longest words that can be made using the letters on only one row of the keyboard.
An average secretary's left hand does 56% of the typing.
Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people do.
In ancient Egypt, priests plucked every hair from their bodies.
Your nose smells best when you are about 10 years old.
Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails.
Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.
The average person has over 1,460 dreams a year.
There are more than 40,000 characters in Chinese script.
Bamboo can grow up to 36 inches a day.
Babies crawl an average of 200 meters a day.
On average, Americans spend about 6 months of their lives waiting in front of traffic lights.
The deepest hole ever made in the world (in Texas) is as deep as 20 empire state buildings but only 3 inches wide.
Total: 104    Displaying: 81-100
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The mantis shrimp has an extending claw that can punch a hole through a glass jar.

At birth, a panda is smaller than a mouse and weighs about four ounces.

A cow gives nearly 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime.

Ostriches stick their heads into the sand to find underground drinking water.

Scorpions can be killed by pouring vinegar over them.
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