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China is the source of 70% of the worlds pirated goods.
Topless saleswomen are legal in Liverpool, England, but only in tropical fish stores.
You can be imprisoned for not voting in Fiji, Chile and Egypt - at least in theory.
0.7% of Americans are currently in prison. Wow!
Saudi diplomats have 367 outstanding parking fines in Britain.
The average criminal sentence length is 137 years in Colombia.
Two-thirds of the world's kidnappings occur in Colombia.
America puts many more of its citizens in prison than any other nation.
Two-thirds of the world's executions occur in China.
Former enemies, America and Russia now have a great deal in common - they both lead the world in locking people up.
You're 66 times more likely to be prosecuted in the USA as in France.
The Chico, California, City Council enacted a ban on nuclear weapons, setting a $500.00 fine for anyone detonating one within city limits.
In ancient Egypt, killing a cat was a crime punishable by death.
In Hong Kong, a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her adulterous husband, but may only do so with her bare hands. The husband's lover, on the o
An adulterous Greek male was sometimes punished by the removal of his pubic hair and the insertion of a large radish into his rectum.
In Alaska, it is legal to shoot bears. However, waking a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph is prohibited.
Duelling is legal in Paraguay as long as both parties are registered blood donors.
It is a criminal offence to drive around in a dirty car in Russia.
It is illegal to be a prostitute in Siena, Italy, if your name is Mary.
If a surgeon in Ancient Egypt lost a patient while performing an operation, his hands were cut off.
Total: 28    Displaying: 1-20
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