56-year-old will try to pass his exams for the 38th time

A 56-year-old Indian man vowed that he would not marry with his girlfriend until he passes his school exams. He is going to try to pass to pass the school exams for the 38th time!

Shivdan Yadav failed his school exams for the first time when he was 18 years old. After his first try he was so confident he asked his parents to postpone the planned marriage until he passed his exams.

Fortunately Shivdan also failed his second try at the school exams. But his girlfriend's family saw his positive interest in school and decided to postpone the marriage and gave Shivdan one last chance!

Three years later he still hadn't passed his school exams. His, now, ex-girlfriend's family decided to find another suitable man for their daughter to marry.

When Shivdan turned 20 he promised he wouldn't marry anyone until he would pass his exams. He's now 56 years old and has still not managed to pass the exams.

We wish Shivdan the best of luck on his 38th try.

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