Teachers treated after eating space cake for lunch

An anonymously donated chocolate cake at a German school was at first much appreciated by the teachers; at least until they got 'sick' from it not knowing they were actually high on drugs because it was stuffed with hashish.

10 teachers from the school in Lüneburg in the northern part of
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Germany had to be treated in hospital after gobbling up the cake during their lunch hour. It was left at the staff room's door for the teachers to find and eat.

"They thought it was food poisoning, but the doctors quickly recognized the problem," the spokesman said. "They showed all the classic signs of people under the influence of drugs." All 10 teachers were treated for nausea and dizziness and no one suffered any long-term effects.

The teachers did not suspect anything because it is customary for the children to sell cakes to the teachers as part of a fund-rasing project.

Tests on an uneaten slice of the cake revealed hashish was one of the ingredients used in the cake. The teachers were discharged from hospital and police said they had not yet found out who was responsible for the prank.

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